We uncover the essence, the soul, of your brand.


Branding is many things: names, logos, package design - all elements of a larger whole. That larger whole, we believe, is the Soul of the Brand, something not found in brand elements individually, but coming together to represent the essence of your brand promise. This is Elemental Branding, and we do it very well.

The discovery of Elemental Branding came after a 25-year career in brand strategy and management, across all industries and sectors. There had to be something deeper than features, benefits, and cute names, something that got to the soul of the product, service, or company. A long and exhaustive search merged consumer behavior, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), marketing, and strategy to uncover what this element was.

This search eventually came together into what Iconium has trademarked as The Soul of The Brand, a comprehensive set of questions, standards, and research to uncover a firm's true unique differentiators. Some firms have it and don't know it, a few (Apple, Breitling, Starbucks) have found it, but most sit on their most important asset, unaware of its power in the marketplace.

At Iconium, we not only discovered Elemental Branding, we practice it every single day of the week. We're fascinated with the interactions of people and product, man and woman, machine and technology. Our cat has a game on our iPad, but PhD's in astrophysics can't get branding right. Something had to change.

And so what began as a search for a new product became the discovery of a new way of thinking about branding. Discussed in great detail in our forthcoming book, 'The Soul of The Brand', these discoveries drive our work for you and your target audiences.